Grooming School of Indiana

Professional Groomer Course

The Grooming School of Indiana’s Professional Groomer Program is designed to offer students, with no professional grooming experience, an avenue to enter the market in a relatively short period of time, concentrate on basic pet grooming and handling of dogs. It also allows students to concentrate on basic pet grooming including everything taught in the first portion of the program as well as clipper and scissor finishing techniques, proper pattern setting for various breeds.

Emphasis is placed on perfecting grooming skills while concentrating on proper breed profile, increasing speed, efficiency and developing maximum grooming potential. The bulk of this training program is spent practicing and perfecting skills with pets under the guidance of the Instructor(s). Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and be able to work competently as a Professional Groomer.

Upcoming Class Dates:

Jan 7 – Mar 28, 2019

May 6 – July 26, 2019

Sep 9 – Nov 29, 2019


Corryne Smith has been grooming dogs for over 10 years. Her experience ranges from working at big corporate salons to small salons to boarding and training facilities.  Her love of animals has been life-long and stems from her childhood; she grew with up with Great Pyrenees that her family bred. She has always had a passion for working with dogs and has worked in the animal care industry for much of her life.  Her first job was at 14 working on a farm.  She also grew up a 4-H member showing pigs, horses, cattle and chickens. Corryne also works closely with different rescue organizations and currently has seven rescued dogs of  her own which include a  Dachshund, Rottweiler, Terrier mix, Shih-tzu and three Chihuahuas in addition to two cats.

She strives to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible.  She believes it is a must to have a great deal of patience and trust, as well as the ability to read dogs’ body language.  She has had a great amount of success in grooming pets without using any form of sedation.  Clients have told her that she has a special knack for working with dogs that other groomers turn away.


She takes great pride in her work and is very much a Quality over Quantity type of groomer.  She keeps up to date on the latest grooming trends, equipment, and products by attending trade shows and seminars. A big part of being a professional groomer is knowing what products can help get the look and feel that clients want.  Corryne is a believer that there is always something new to learn in the grooming industry and strives to learn new ways to keep your dogs happy and healthy.

With Corryne’s experience and knowledge, she will be able to prepare any student wanting to become a professional dog groomer.

Renee White is a happily married mother of four, living on a family farm near Bowling Green Indiana. Renee has had animals in her life for as long as she can remember. As a small child, she managed to talk a wild squirrel into coming out of the tree to her. Since then, she has been handling, caring for and breeding a number of different pets.

Renee began breeding and showing ocicats in 1998 while raising a triple grand champion who worked as a Eukanuba model. She was a member of the ocicat breed committee for the ACFA and helped to re-write the breed standard used at that time. She stopped breeding after the birth of her third child and has remained active with cats by serving as a 4-H judge in Indiana over the last ten years.

Renee began grooming dogs twelve years ago when her second child started showing her miniature schnauzer in 4-H. Shortly after that, she got her first dog as a personal pet, a shih-tzu, and taught herself to groom by watching videos on-line. After a few years, she decided to pursue grooming as a career, enrolled at the Grooming School of Indiana in 2011 and earned her CPPG.

She started out working alone for Royer Veterinary Clinic in Worthington, Indiana for two years. She then worked at PetCo in Bloomington, Indiana for a few months before deciding that she wanted to go into business for herself. Renee opened Doggy Style Pet Salon in Spencer, Indiana where she currently grooms by appointment.

Renee is also a breeder of sugar gliders and standard poodles. She attends seminars and courses in an effort to continually improve her work.


“Thank you! For helping me to go confidently in the direction of my dreams! And to live the life I’ve imagined.” – Penny Benge

“Two years ago I was a nurse wanting to quit working as a nurse but not ready to retire. I was 54 years old and had wanted to be a dog groomer for many years. I kept thinking that I was to old to start something new. I did some research and job shadowing and decided I was going to go to grooming school. It is one one of the best decisions I have made.

My instructor was Pam Casey and she was fabulous. She was so encouraging and had such great knowledge of grooming. Every class was a new “adventure”. When I had my doubts about myself being a groomer she was always there to cheer me on. After I graduated I wanted to work somewhere that I could continue to learn. Unfortunately where I live I did not have that opportunity. So I decided I would open my own salon. My learning from Pam did not stop in the class room. She is still there when I have a question whether it’s about grooming, business or products. After only eighteen months of being opened I am now booked three weeks in advance. Pam taught me a strong foundation to build my grooming skills. I had to drive and hour and a half one way three nights a week and it was worth every mile.” – Karen Landry

“My dog grooming adventure started because I have a Lhasa Apso named Harley! One hot summer day I decided to cut his hair. Well it didn’t turn out to bad, but it wasn’t that great either. I thought to myself for months that I should go to dog grooming school. Well one day I decided to look into it.

I worked full time in a Doctor’s office, and was getting weary of poor management, and whinny patients. Plus dogs are more fun, and less whinny. I found several schools, but after taking a tour of Grooming School of Indiana, and speaking with the owners, I decided to go for it. The cost was reasonable, and the equipment provided was excellent. The instructor, Pam is such an awesome teacher. She gave me hands on instruction, encouragement, and worked us as a team to accomplish our goals. I learned so much in such a short time. I also learned that the scissors are very sharp! I had 5 stitches placed after jamming my finger into my thinning shears. So be careful!I have now started my own business, working from my home, which allows me the flexibility to care for my Mom. I also have an essential oil business, and use the aromatherapy for my dogs that I groom. I was also given the opportunity to share the essential oil information with other students at the school so they can go out there and check out all the possibilities to help them in their business. The instruction didn’t stop upon graduation. Today I can call, or text Pam for help, advice, and she is there for me. She makes Indiana Grooming School exceptional! – Rebecca Ralston

gsi00035“I enrolled in grooming school of Indiana because I was interested in grooming. Although I didn’t have much knowledge I wanted to learn. The instructor (Pam) was great, she taught me a lot about the different breeds that I had never learned. She made it easy and took her time. I now have the skills and knowledge to be an informative professional groomer.” – Carla Bryant

“My daughter is a 22 year old hearing impaired girl that was looking for career. She was not academically motivated, but also needed to start thinking about her future. She has always been an animal lover and knew she wanted to work in that field. She decided that pet-grooming was a positive option for her.

We began researching the best place for her to get training with her special needs. In speaking with the owners of Grooming School of Indiana, Robert and Stephanie Morrison, it was clear what our choice would be. Robert and Stephanie were accommodating , professional and willing to make accommodations to meet my daughter’s needs. We were introduced to Pam (the instructor) and knew Chelsea was going to be successful. Chelsea completed the training with lots of encouragement and guidance from the entire staff . Pam was so intuitive of her needs and encouraged her and never gave up. Pam was a professional and willing to work with all students. I would advise anyone thinking of go into the Grooming Industry to consider Grooming School of Indiana. Chelsea is now fully employed as a certified pet groomer with a successful Pet Grooming Salon . We owe a lot to Grooming School of Indiana owners and entire staff.” – James Miller

gsi00018“I had a great experience at Grooming School of Indiana. The hands on atmosphere is the reason I chose this school. The instructor Pam is very informative and taught me lots of tips with different breeds. Thanks to pam and Grooming School of Indiana I now have the skills to excel and be a confident groomer!” – Natalie Caruthers