Show Me The Money

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Do you wonder how much money you are going to earn as a Professional Groomer?

It’s no secret that good groomers are VERY well paid for their talents.  The more efficient you are the more money you can earn! This can affect how much money you make your entire grooming career.

Many times we are asked how much a groomer can expect to earn. The earning potential of a Professional Pet Groomer is limited only by themselves. It can be a very lucrative business! Many salon owners are easily making well over six-figure incomes. While we cannot predict or guarantee any amount of income, we have compiled the following statistics and examples in order for you to determine how much you can expect to earn based on what your plans and ambitions are.

Commission: The average percentage for a groomer on commission is 50%-60%. We strongly recommend that any potential employer of one of our graduates pay them at least 50% of the total price of the grooming service. Our average service price for any breed of dog or cat regardless of service provided, is $40.

Ask us for a chart to figure out what you would make based on our statistics if you choose to not be self employed.