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The Grooming School of Indiana Admissions

Grooming School Entrance Requirements

For entrance to The Grooming School of Indiana, an appointment will be scheduled for a personal interview and tour with our Director of Admissions. One of our pet grooming instructors may participate in the interview / tour. All pet grooming applicants must be 17 or older. Applicants under 18 must have parental or guardian consent.

The Grooming School of Indiana applicants must be in sound physical condition with no evidence of any ailment that would affect the students ability to participate in the program. Applicants must have reading and writing abilities in English.Please bring documentation that your tetanus shot is up to date.We reserve the right to refuse students at our discretion.


A personal, one-on-one interview and tour is required to attend The Grooming School of Indiana. The tours are scheduled five days a week and take 30-45 minutes. During this time the potential pet grooming student will receive additional information on the school to include course descriptions, graduation requirements, placement assistance, class calendar, class schedules, refund policy, withdrawal policy, financial assistance and housing.

Financial Assistance

The Grooming School of Indiana encourages all potential students to fully explore personal financial resources to meet financial needs. The Academy recognizes that many deserving students who could become excellent professional groomers or trainers may not have such resources available and will assist qualified potential students in the direction of obtaining details on financial programs available.

Placement Assistance

The Grooming School of Indiana offers placement assistance for no additional fee. Pet Grooming Graduates may use the placement program to assist them in obtaining employment following graduation. Employers who participate in the placement program include grooming salons, kennels, veterinary clinics and pet facilities.

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